14k Solid Gold

14k Gold is made my mixing pure gold with a base metal such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc to harden the material. We favor using 14k as opposed to 10k or 18k because of the practicality of it's wear. 

Gold Vermeil


Gold Vermeil is essentially gold-plating over sterling silver. It is very similar in appearance to solid gold and is more hypoallergenic and has a thicker layer of gold than normal gold plating. We love sterling silver, so we favor gold vermeil as the best alternative option to solid gold.


Gold-filled is a thick layer of gold on top of jeweler's brass and is very similar in appearance to solid gold. We use some gold-filled chains and findings as it is more affordable and great for people with skin sensitivity. Of course gold-filled jewelry is not as resilient as solid gold, but it is still highly durable and can last decades with proper care.



Gold-plated jewelry is jeweler's brass that is dipped in a solid gold bath. The outcome thickness of the gold is less than 1%. It has the same appearance of solid gold, but the layer can quickly fade with everyday wear. Gold-plated is also not advisable for people with skin sensitivity as it not hypoallergenic, leading it to discolor skin. Most fashion jewelry is made with gold-plating and is why it is inexpensive.

Sterling Silver

Silver tarnishes quickly when it comes into contact with oxygen. The best measure to prevent tarnishing is wearing your silver jewelry often. The oils in your skin help prevent tarnish, depending on your own body chemistry.


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