Staying Playful with East Blue Studio

Staying Playful with East Blue Studio

Meet Vanessa - the lovely ceramicist behind East Blue Studio. We launched our site with an exclusive collection from her and it sold out in minutes! We are honored that she became part of the Repose family from the get go. We're inspired by her work and excited to continue to collaborate with her in the future. You can find more of her work on her website as she will be launching her very own original collection mid October.


"Home is a place of comfort – the space where I can be and exude the most me."

Where'd you grow up?

I grew up in quite a few places, but most of my childhood was spent in a loving home with my parents and two sisters in Panama City, Florida. A lot of people think that means I grew up right on the beach, but I lived more inland.

What is your favorite part of your home?

Right now, it's this corner of my living room with a painting of a big yellow circle. I had this large canvas for a while, which I had planned the circle for, but also with a tiny smiley face somewhere inside. I decided not to do the smiley face (at least, yet) because it felt so modern and sophisticated; I also like that it can be interpreted however you like. I see it as a warming sun – really joyful.

How do you start your day?

My best mornings start with a yoga practice, meditation, some warm tea, and quiet moments. I don't like to rush into the day. I need some grounding and time to feel like I am me and wholly present, so I'll usually wake up much earlier than I have to in order to foster that.

How does your work give you joy?

Currently, ceramics is something I do while also working as a full-time graphic designer, so when my hands are in clay, I find joy in creating beyond the two-dimensional world. It's refreshing to have a tangible, textural relationship with my work. It's also where I can find steady moments of focus.

In what ways do you see yourself in your work?

I love variety. I see myself in my work that way, with each of my pieces being an original. I don't know if I plan to keep it this way, but every piece is unlike the last. I have a vibrancy for life and people, and I convey that same warmth and joy through every piece. My playfully meticulous personality comes through in the patterns.

What are some tips you'd give to ceramicists who are beginning their craft?

Stay experimental, and continue discovering. Don't be intimidated by the "right" or classically-trained way of doing things. So much of building with clay is about feeling with your hands and deciding what works best for you. Yes, there are fundamentals, but if you're curious about doing something a certain way (and it's safe), try it and learn from it. Also, reclaim your clay!

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