Meet Sade ~ The Creative Behind Pearly Interiors

Meet Sade ~ The Creative Behind Pearly Interiors

If you scroll endlessly through images of home decor on Instagram like me, you might recognize a corner of Sade's home. Her cute and cozy aesthetic makes you want to buy any pastel-colored furniture you find. We got to interview the creative behind the amazing inspo Instagram account.

Tell us who you are.

My name is Sade! I am a clinical researcher and visual artist with a movie obsession. :) 

What does home mean to you?

Home is an extensions of the self. Especially in quarantine: it’s where we sleep and dream, create and work, change and grow. I always want my space to reflect the best parts of me and inspire me to keep going. 

How do you rest, restore, and reenergize?

Tending to my plants! 🪴 They just make me so content. I’ve always been happiest when nurturing. 

What inspires you to create?

Humanity. It’s why I live in Harlem: endless humanity = endless inspiration! 

Why did you start @pearly_interiors?

It started out as this tiny little thing of mine. I had posted my (now famous) Pearl lamp a few times and people started to comment how they wanted more! I never expected it to become what it is today. But the Insta has become a kind of therapy when I’m down, and an incredibly supportive community. I think my virtual space is like a nice daydream to return to time and time again. At least that’s what brings me back haha. 

What is your dream home?

Something with a lot of cozy spaces and soft shapes. Elements of nature here and there (like my Pearl lamp). But mostly a space where I can be 100% me :) 


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Wonderful interview! I found Sade’s account when I was looking at seashell candles for inspiration. It’s really nice to hear from the face behind the IG handle.

Victoria Ma

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