Exploring Feelings with Marissa of Grl & Co.

Exploring Feelings with Marissa of Grl & Co.

During the initial stages of Repose Home, I was searching for greeting cards that made me feel a type of way. I came across a card that states "your fear is nothing compared to your bravery" and I immediately knew I needed to carry this brand. Marissa, the creative artist behind Grl & Co., gives us insight behind the brand.
What does home mean to you?

To me, home means a deep sigh of relief and comfort. Home is where I can dream, have interactions and conversations with my partner that help us grow, and where I can have the most fun.

How do you practice self-care?

I put my phone on *do not disturb*, drink a ton of water, do yoga with the lights low or take a hot shower, and cuddle with my cats.

What inspired you to start Grl & Co.?

Grl & Co. started as an in depth exploration of feelings and what it means to cope with trauma by creating and sharing art for my thesis project in college. After a brief pause, I picked that idea back up in the form of grl and through products because I felt like that conversation wasn't being had in an accessible way. I was really inspired by the lack of representation and space (online and IRL) to create my own.

What's your favorite product to create?

This is hard! I love it all but I think greeting cards bring me the most joy because I know people buy them to give to others.

What tips can you give designers who are trying to find their voice?

Don't compare yourself to others and don't let already established voices influence who you are. I think we can all get stuck sometimes, and especially during social distancing, in an echo chamber of social media and we start to adapt a style and voice that isn't always fully ours. It's ok, it happens to me sometimes! But taking a step back and focusing on yourself and what is important to you is the most beneficial to finding your voice.

Check out Grl & Co. HERE.
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