Baby Tress

Baby Tress

Baby Tress's Edge Styler has become the hair styling product we never knew we needed. We interviewed both Baby Tressers Shannon ~ Co-Founder & Creative Director ~ and Hannah ~ Co-Founder & CEO ~ to give a glimpse of their self care routines and the need for representation for Black and Latinx women in the hair and beauty space.
What does home mean to you?

Shannon: There’s a different kind of comfort, intimacy & acceptance in any place where there are the people whom you love the most. That’s home to me.

Hannah: Home is where I can unwind and cuddle with my pup.

How do you practice self-care?

Shannon: Many ways, but the most important is by being kind to myself. When I’m feeling low or cycling through negative thoughts, I do my best to give myself the space away from people to feel everything and react if needed. But once I'm done venting my feels, I love to wash my hair, listen to music, ride my bike to the park & sometimes I’ll go for a run to clear my head. Oh, and every blue moon, I’ll get in the kitchen to love on myself with food.

Hannah: Self-care for me is ever-evolving.  Sometimes self-care is being active and sweating the stress out, sometimes self-care is sleeping in a little (or a lot) longer and not feeling guilty about it.  Self-care is also constant reminders to myself that I’m doing just fine.

What inspired you to start Baby Tress?

Shannon: We created Baby Tress because our community of Black & LatinX women wanted and deserved more than a toothbrush for laying their edges. We wanted to honor the legacy of black hair by creating functional, intentional & beautiful tools.

Hannah: The lack of brands like Baby Tress is what has inspired me the most.  Our mission has always been to correct how underrepresented women of color are in the beauty industry.  And I hope that Baby Tress - a brand that makes beauty tools for women of color by women of color - will inspire others to continue to expand on that mission!

Who is your dream client? 

Shannon: I want to work with Nikki Nelms & Vernon Francois. They already use the Edge Styler, but it would be amazing to be on set with them! Also if we got to work with Solange, I would be over the moon.

Hannah: Laura Harrier!  She’s overall classy and elegant, with a hint of edge (pun intended) when it comes to her fashion and beauty looks.  Here’s my favorite hair look of hers:

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Favorite product(s) to slick on with your Edge Styler? 

Shannon: I don’t necessarily have a favorite product, but my favorite technique is to layer gels for a customized hold. I’ll use a pomade (like Style Factor or Swag Goo) and layer it with some Got2B spray to lock it in.

Hannah: Hairspray for the flyaways, or Hick’s Edges if I’m swooping my sideburns.

What are some tips for entrepreneurs who are trying to get their voices heard?

Shannon: Seek mentorship and trust your own instincts regarding your idea. You’ll need other people to help you get off the ground and stay in motion, but ultimately you know your brand the best. Having discernment in knowing who to keep around is key.

Hannah: Share your story - your background, your reason for starting your business, and your mission for its future.  If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure it’s a good story, and it’s your story that will capture people’s attention.

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