Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos

Tell us who you are.

I'm an editor at Hunker, a decor and interior design site that gives people inspiration for turning their spaces into a home. I'm a writer and a bookworm (who proudly organizes her books by color). I'm a Sagittarius sun and Virgo moon. I'm the person who loves hanging out by the snack table at parties (in pre-pandemic times).

What inspired you to become a writer?

I've been a lover of books since I was a kid. I used to keep little notebooks near my bed to write down my ideas. I fell in love with poetry at a young age and then started to dream about writing things people would enjoy one day. 

What is your process for getting inspiration for creative writing?

I'm a very visual person, and art plays a big role in my process. Seeing art is important for me. Color and texture are also really important to me, whether I'm at home writing or in a café. I spend a lot of time on my laptop but I also love a good notebook and a pen. 

What does home mean to you?

Home is where I can fully be myself, without worrying about what anyone might think. What I've learned from writing and reading about design is that yes, you can totally embrace whatever aesthetic label you want, but at the end of the day, there's nothing saying you have to be super rigid about what your style is. You can break the rules once in a while. I embrace maximalism but have been playing with more neutrals lately. Home is where I feel at ease and refreshed but also inspired and energized, depending on the day. 

How would you describe your home's personality?

Definitely on the maximalist side. There's lots of art on the walls. A good amount of it is made by our friends (my partner included) and I think surrounding ourselves with these pieces reminds us about the talented people we know — and the creative support system we have. There are lots of records and books for you to browse through, and we love when people stay a while. 

How do you rest, restore, and reenergize?

Our cat, Sadie, has taught me a lot about rest. I take breaks to pet her and on weekends sometimes I nap with her. She's clearly not worried about what's happening next, unless it's dinner. She's helped me learn how to slow down a little. Otherwise, you can find me reading outdoors, catching up with a friend virtually or doing some embroidery. Taking screen breaks is really important to me (but also I love my Hello Kitty and word games on my phone so you win some, you lose some). 

What is your favorite story you've written thus far?

That question is too hard! In general, though, I really like getting to know creatives: their process, passions, inspiration, dreams. I loved speaking to a couple of members of Kaabo, a collective for Black ceramicists, earlier this year. 

Tell us about your monthly newsletter.

I run a free, monthly newsletter for creatives called "Notes from Eva." Each email offers tips/thoughts on the creative process, whether you're a writer or artist or designer, etc. I also interview cool people and ask for their advice. I'm all about information sharing and the potential of sparking that energy for someone to pursue (or keep pursuing) their creative goals. The newsletter includes a round-up of opportunities to apply for, something I started doing because I know people are busy. And because, as a Virgo rising, I love spreadsheets and forms and digital organization stuff. I weirdly enjoy sending job or grant or residency recommendations to my friends, so this felt like a natural step. 

What advice can you give to aspiring journalists and writers?

There's a lot of rejection involved, more often than not. Take breaks when you need them. The work will be there when you get back! 

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