Hello Updo

Hello Updo

Tell us who you are.

Hi (: I'm Magdaline! The founder and CEO of Hello Updo.
I'm from Jersey by way of Dominican Republic. I have big coily hair and love mozzarella sticks. 

What inspired you to create Hello Updo?

After fully transitioning back to my natural pattern, hair ties no longer fit my hair like they used to. Instead of continuing to stretch out scrunchies or force my hair into hair ties that were not made for my hair type, I decided to make my own oversize scrunchie using silk. That scrunchie, known today as the Biggish, changed my life so much that I made some more and started Hello Updo.

We love that Hello Updo is a mother-daughter duo! How has your relationship with your mom evolved while working together?

My mom has really been a blessing throughout this whole process! She's always supported every idea of mine and everything I've done but this was different. Prior to launching she saw me struggling to build inventory and literally taught herself how to sew. I don't know where Hello Updo would be without her. 
We've always been close. Now that we work together, we are just learning more about each other. It's great to have my right hand in life be my right hand in business. 

Describe your hair care routine.

My hair routine has gotten simpler throughout the years. I used to be so specific with the products and techniques I used but over time I've fallen in love with a more natural, frizzier look for my hair. I feel more free when there's frizz. 

Step 1 - Wash with Afro Love Eucalyptus Shampoo. It's so refreshing!
Step 2 - Moisturize with SheaMoisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Masque. This mask is the only product that fully hydrates my hair! I love it!  
Step 2 - Detangle with my fingers and follow with my Denman Brush from ends to scalp
Step 3 - Spilt my hair into six sections to prepare for styling
Step 3 - Thoroughly add a light gel or styler like Camille Rose or Rizos Curls to each section 
Step 4 - Flip my head over and gently scrunch hair from bottom up with a tee shirt
Step 5 - Air dry! I only use a diffuser if I'm in a rush

What does home mean to you?

Home is my sanctuary. Home is love. Home is my family. Home is everything to me. 
I'm a homebody. 
How would you describe your home's personality?
I like to have off white walls and neutral colors throughout the furniture to warm up the place.

I'm moving soon (so excited to decorate)! I plan to have colored stemless wine glasses, a dark wooden dining table, and a big comfy sectional by the fireplace so everyone can come and enjoy our home together.

My home is calm, cozy, and inviting!

How do you rest, restore, and reenergize?

Sleep, music, and funny sitcoms are a vital part of my self care regimen. After long days, I like to pour myself a glass of wine and reconnect with myself. It's easier said than done but I've made it a goal to set time aside for myself no matter how crazy life gets.  

What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs?

Follow every idea you have! Don't shut your ideas down before even trying to make them a reality. Give it time. If it doesn't work, start again. It's a lot of work but at the end of the day, it is so rewarding. 

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