Rashelle Campbell (she/her) is a multidisciplinary creative individual with Indigenous Cree roots influenced deeply by social and political conditions. She values playfulness as a means of exemplifying a more diverse standard of beauty, which often sings in her photography. Her love for colours is within everything she creates. Her work is refined yet has a 90's pop edge. With a background in communications and public relations in the media industry, she molds into any form of creativity that inspires her. She is currently residing in the prairies.

What does home mean to you?

Home to me means a space where you are able to breathe in peace. Home is a place that is there for you rather it be your bedroom, your studio, your parents house, a city that gives you that comfort feeling of love and calmness. Home is filled with pieces of you & your imagination. To me, home is my partner Travis and the house we are currently living in. It's the first time in years where we are in a city where we are both from, close to family, and have a full house where we have it decorated with our favourite colours and textures. That's home baby!

How do you practice self-care?

My self care rituals are either me sitting in my shower for 5 minutes crying, releasing what I am feeling that day. I am a cancer sign, ok! Or binge watching Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler movies while snacking on a bag of chips. That's where I feel I am taking care of my spirit. As in terms of self care for my body, well I do...like...to...pamper myself with painting my nails while listening to Solange or nourishing my hair with oils. Just putting a little bit of lovin' into myself works wonders! 

What dream space do you envision your rugs to be in?

A space that has a lot of natural light with colourful furniture is ideal. I am very sensitive to colour palettes, maybe you can tell...But I NEED colour in my life, in my home... all around me! But overall, it would be a dream to see a rug of mine in Austin Power's bedroom with that rotating bed he has. Wow!

What inspired you to create?
Once the pandemic started and I lost a few of my jobs including one being a photographer at a vintage clothing studio, I just started sketching groovy blob like shapes and then a light bulb turned on! I thought "Woah, I'd love this as a rug!" At that time I hardly saw any rugs that were shapeless, free form, and colourful. I believe in the beauty of imperfections and I wanted to be able to create a piece that could bring joy into my life and others homes too. I really enjoy making shaggy like creatures that can really just be thrown anywhere in a room!  
What advice can you give designers who want to create, but don't know where to start?

Slide in your fav artists DM's! Don't be scared! Connect with artists that are doing the same thing you are interested in pursuing,  I really do love it when people contact me asking me for tufting advice because I know I was there at one point and (I still am tbh!) Once you are confident, people will see that. Keep going' keep doing you. No matter what ~ stay creative, it's all going to be okay. 
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