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Walker Noble is about connecting beautiful works of art with enthusiastic new owners. As a Black-owned company, one of his guiding principles is that everyone should be able to enjoy art. The first time I saw Walker's prints I immediately felt a sense of joy. I gravitated towards the nature scenes, especially of the Joshua trees because of the nostalgic value it has for me, but was also drawn by how Walker creates these scenes through beautiful line work and colors. He took the time to answer a few questions for us so we can get to know the person behind the art.


Tell us who you are.

An artist, designer, a lover and a professional daydreamer.

What does home mean to you?

Home is truly where the heart is. Especially during these unique times. Studies show that we're now spending around 90% of our time at home. I’m honestly hovering around 97%. lol Home is a safe space. My place of refuge. Of comfort. Warmth. And not just in temperature but also in spirit.

How do you rest, restore, and reenergize?

I wish I had a super cool answer but I don’t. I rest, restore and energize by sitting still, by watching old episodes of Murder She Wrote, drinking lots of water, getting adequate sleep and laughing hysterically with my spouse until we’re both in tears.

What inspires you to create?

Sharing my art. I love reading the messages from my clients letting me know that my pieces bring them joy and tranquility. I love pictures of my art hanging in homes around the world. That’s what inspires me to create.

How did you become the artist you are today?

A combination of skill, hard work and luck. I tell people all the time, if you take a leap of faith and pair it with hard work, a net will always appear. I truly believe that.

What advice can you give to artists who are trying to find their voice?

Sing loudly. Your voice is your own. Let it be heard. What do you have to lose? You only get 10 decades or so years on this planet (if you’re lucky). Many of you reading this interview have already used up 2.5 to 4+ of them. Time is of the essence. Start living how you want to live. Take risks. Put your work out there. “If you build it, they will come.”

Check out prints from Walker Noble Studios HERE and check out more of his work at WalkerNoble.com

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