Suzari Designs

Suzari Designs

Meet Sumayyah - the artist behind Suzari Designs. We caught a glimpse of her beautiful home in NorCal filled with plush greens and bold colors.

"[Home is] a safe and sacred place, my sanctuary. I’m pretty introverted so I wouldn’t have it any other way."

Where did you grow up?

I’ve grown up in a few places. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to New Mexico where we lived for 7 years. At 12, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I resided for 18 years. Now I’m in the Bay Area, California.

What part of your home gives you the most inspiration?

Definitely my living room - it has a ton of character. Floor to ceiling windows and a view of the San Francisco Bay with lots of trees. I love nature and I get a ton of peace when I'm in this room.

How do you start your day?

First, I make coffee for me and my husband and then check on my plant babies.

You have quite a collection of plants that you post on Instagram. What kinds of plants do you have and do they have names?

My obsession for plants is fairly new. I had a few plants I’ve had over the past few years. Something came over me back in January and when the pandemic came I realized how much joy caring for them was during such an odd time.
My plant collection includes several Pileas, Peperomias, Ficus Tineke, a few Monsteras, Crotons, Succulents, Hypoestes, Maidenhair Vine, and Pothos varieties to name the majority. I also propagate many cuttings from my larger plants - one of my favorite hobbies. 
I have not given any of them names, but they’re all special.

How does your work give you joy? 

I work with a lot of colorful fabrics, yarn, and other materials so I find a lot of joy in combining the colors and creating whatever comes to me at the moment.

 Do you plan ahead or do you work with colors that reach out to you at the moment? 

I sometimes have dreams about colors to put together and sometimes it comes to me on a whim.

What are some tips you'd give to artists who are trying to find their voice? 

Just pay attention to any interests that constantly come to mind and hone in on it. I ended up doing home decor because I wanted unique decor in my home. I loved creating pieces so much that I came up with this business. Don’t ignore ideas that keep repeating in your head - it may be a nudge that it’s something you should be doing.

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